Child Support Payments In Virginia

In divorce proceedings, Virginia courts require both parents to financially support their children until they reach 18, become self-supporting or graduate from high school as a 19-year-old. When one parent has primary custody, the other parent is usually required by the courts to make child support payments. The state uses guidelines based on income, the number of children, and factors such as child care and medical insurance costs to determine the amount of child support payments.

Child support payments determined by the state’s guidelines can be challenged. The courts regularly hear arguments for modifying payments based on the unique circumstances of individual cases. Our attorneys can represent you in court to help make sure you are financially stable after your divorce.

Challenging Court Ordered Child Support Payment Amounts

When the court hears challenges to support orders, it is willing to consider a variety of things that impact the custodial parent’s financial needs and the noncustodial parent’s ability to pay. Common expenses that are considered in child support challenges include:

  • Job loss and/or an increase or reduction in income
  • Tuition and expenses related to extracurricular activities
  • Insurance coverage
  • Expenses related to special needs children
  • Costs associated with visitation
  • Visitation expenses and child support paid to children born outside the marriage

It is not uncommon for child support payments to be modified multiple times over a period of years. If the financial situation of you or your ex-partner has changed, you should consider challenging your court ordered child support.

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