What if my child’s father refuses to acknowledge paternity?

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You want the best for your child: a good education, health and home. However, your child’s father refuses to accept them, and now you are worried about how you’ll manage on your own without child support. But you don’t need to have concerns about this, as you can solve this problem by asking the court to help you establish paternity.

Why establishing paternity is important

Unfortunately, sometimes fathers deny their children to avoid paying child support. However, obtaining child support is not the only way your child can benefit from an established paternity. By establishing paternity, your child may also receive an inheritance, information about their health history and social security, disability and veteran benefits.

Contested paternity

When the parents of a child are not married, establishing paternity can be complicated. In that case, fathers can assume their paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP). If the father refuses to sign the AOP form, you will need to file a petition to establish paternity at the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court in your area.

After you file the petition, the court will ask the father to appear in court. If they don’t appear in court, the judge may enter a “default order” declaring him the legal father. If they show up but still deny the child, the court will ask them to submit reliable genetic tests. The genetic tests will show that he is the child’s father, and with that evidence the court will establish legal parentage and add the father’s name to your child’s birth certificate.

Your child’s right

Once the court establishes paternity, the father will have to provide for the child’s needs through a support order. You must keep in mind that your child’s father will not only have legal responsibilities, but also some rights, like the right to visit the child. You may not love the idea of your child seeing the person that denied them, but ultimately establishing paternity might be the best solution if what you want is some help with the child’s expenses. After all, your child is also his responsibility, and he must do his part.

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