Virginia traffic violations: often far more serious than expected

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Flashing red lights behind you.

That is a behind-the-wheel event that drivers in Fairfax County and across Northern Virginia often see when engaged in traffic.

And it is guaranteed to command instant attention in any scenario.

Especially when the object of interest for a tailing police car is you.

Traffic stops and resulting tickets are of course a common occurrence for motorists at all times and in all locales. Indeed, what is uncommon is a seasoned driver who has never been pulled to the side of a road for an alleged infraction.

Responding to a traffic stop/ticket: outcomes and consequences vary

Some moving violations are unquestionably far more serious than others. A drunk driving charge is a case in point, with a DUI conviction linking to punitive exactions ranging from jail time and heavy fines to spiked insurance rates, license suspension and additional penalties.

Virginia drivers obviously take that seriously, given the potential downsides. Conversely, what legions of motorists don’t fully appreciate is that many other ticketable offenses that reasonably seem to be of a lesser magnitude also often carry an enforcement sting.

The perils of underestimating “minor” traffic violation offenses

You might be tempted to downplay a traffic citation you recently received, opting to just accept the legal consequence. Many drivers simply regard occasional tickets as unavoidable irritants that occasionally surface. You pay the price (literally) and move on.

That attitude – while common – proves to often be personally harmful for drivers. An established Virginia criminal defense legal source duly stresses that, “Traffic law violations in Virginia are not something to downplay or ignore.” In fact, they often yield materially harsh penalties tied to charges alleging infractions like these:

  • Speeding (even just a few miles per hour above the posted limit)
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Wide-ranging behind-the-wheel offenses termed “reckless,” such as tailgating, failure to yield/stop and failure to signal
  • Insurance policy irregularities

Failure to timely and purposefully deal with traffic charges can spawn onerous results over the long term. Moreover, accountability/justice issues often emerge in instances where guilt is actually in question.

A Virginia motorist with questions or concerns regarding a moving citation might reasonably want to timely consult with proven traffic violations defense counsel. An experienced criminal defense attorney – notably in some instances, one offering bilingual English/Spanish services – can diligently safeguard a client’s rights and legal interests.

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