How can I afford to get divorced?

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Most couples have a general understanding of the challenges related to dissolving a marriage. However, many are unaware of how expensive it can be.

Favorable settlement terms, such as child custody and property division, might be your primary focus. And although there is a cost involved with protecting your interests, involving a family attorney from the start may save you from making expensive mistakes.

Be proactive in getting legal advice

A family attorney can guide you through the divorce process. Although hourly billing can quickly amount to thousands of dollars, there are some ways to make ending your marriage more affordable.

Time management and organization may help you reach a preferable outcome while decreasing the legal fees required for a smooth transition to single life. For example:

  • Determine which law firm is best to represent you. Experience is a valuable resource, especially if you and your spouse have a high amount of conflict. Meanwhile, if you speak Spanish, working with a fluent lawyer might provide more value than also hiring a translator.
  • Get your financial documents in order. You will likely need bank statements, pay stubs and tax returns to support your monetary requests. An understanding of your combined income, debt and lifestyle choices may be useful in negotiation.
  • Reduce billing hours. Many of your legal questions can be answered more quickly in an email format than through an in-person meeting or phone conversation. Think twice about the most responsible way to approach each concern so you can optimize your attorney’s time spent on your case.

Although representation is an important factor in getting the settlement you deserve, you should take an active role in bringing your marriage to an end. By doing so, you may save yourself money and time spent in a state of uncertainty, and likely have a less stressful experience as a result.










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